Price list

Full Training and Care: $1,370.00
Includes training of both horse and rider. Full care of horse includes all grooming, and laundry at the barn. Show trimming and maintenance of horse. Does not include body clipping (to be done at trainer’s discretion).Body Clip: $150Care Only: $550.00 Available to horse laid up for 30 days or more

Board: $1180.00+ (Alfalfa hay included)
Paid to Malibu Vista Ranch

Customers Not in Training:
Lessons (Private): $120.00

Deposits are required in advance for all shows. $500 to 1,000.00 per horse per week per show.

Show Ring Schooling Fees:
Horses in Training: $70.00
Horses Not In Training: $140.00

Show Grooming:
Billed grooming rates are $100/day/horse + tip (tips paid directly to groom)

Hotel, setup and breakdown fee expenses divided by number of horses.

Show feed, bedding and tack stall expenses divided by number of horses.

Trainer’s Expense: All travel, lodging, per diems, etc.
Divided by customers.

Trainer Per Diem: $150.00 per dayFifty percent (50%) of total per diem will be credited to commission at the close of sale or purchase. This per diem is applied when trainer is required to travel in the pursuit of sale or purchase of horse. This per diem is not applicable when trainer and/or client try horses at shows at which they are competing.

Client is responsible for payment of all travel costs.

15 % commission on sale, purchase or lease price plus reimbursement for any expenses incurred.

LEOPOLD FARMS requests that you stay current with your payments to LEOPOLD FARMS, FRC, Veterinarians, Haulers and Blacksmiths as these are required essentials for your horse.

Deposits are required for any long trips or series of shows, ie. Indoors, Thermal, Europe etc.

Late Fees of 5% are charged on balances not received 15 days after billing.